Intumescent Paint and Structural Board Protection

Here at Isoler we are highly experienced in structural board protection. 

What We Do

Intumescent coatings play a vital role in safeguarding and preserving a building’s structural strength, as well as enhancing fire safety measures to save lives.

During a fire, the elevated temperatures trigger a chemical process within intumescent coatings, causing them to expand. This expansion transforms the paint into a foam-like layer known as ‘char.’ This char formation acts as insulation for steel, shielding it from the intense heat that could potentially compromise the building’s structural stability.

Beyond this, intumescent coatings also mitigate the flammability of painted surfaces like masonry and timber, effectively curbing the fire’s spread. To ensure top-notch quality, we utilise paints and coatings sourced from renowned suppliers.

Case Study

CLIENT: Sir Robert McAlpine

PROJECT: G&V Hotel Edinburgh

SCOPE: Our team is currently engaged in a project for SRM, focusing on enhancing structural fire protection throughout the G&V Hotel in Edinburgh. As part of this initiative, we are applying intumescent paint and Glasroc boarding to structural columns and beams. This ongoing project has a scheduled program in place, with our activities set to continue until June 2024.

Case Study

CLIENT: Sir Robert McAlpine

PROJECT: Monkwearmouth Hospital Sunderland

SCOPE: At Monkwearmouth Hospital in Sunderland, we had the privilege of working for Sir Robert McAlpine to apply both solvent-based and water-based intumescent paint to the steel structures of their new construction project. Our team’s expertise ensured the steelwork was properly protected, in line with the highest safety standards, contributing to the overall quality and safety of this significant project.