Compliance Surveys and Consultancy

Here at Isoler we offer both compliance surveys and consultancy to help find the best solutions for their clients.

What We Do

Isoler is responsible for conducting numerous property-based risk assessments and audits necessary for upholding property compliance standards. Our approach is marked by meticulous planning right from the outset. Our goal is to get it right on the initial attempt, thereby preventing costly errors. To support our operations, we favor the use of Fieldview, an electronic management system that offers a wealth of advantages to enhance our performance.

We will conduct access audits to acquire comprehensive insights into any limitations. This data can then be employed to provide guidance on necessary physical modifications or alternative management strategies to ensure that services and facilities can be provided with minimal access barriers.

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Compartmentation Surveys
  • Fire Door Surveys
  • Fire Damper Inspections / Surveys
  • Intumescent Paint Inspections
  • Fire Strategies
  • General consultancy on fire regulations to ensure compliance

Case Study

CLIENT: Melia Hotels

PROJECT: Innside Liverpool Hotel

SCOPE: At the Innside Liverpool Hotel, we have conducted a meticulous Fire Risk Assessment to identify potential fire hazards and establish effective preventive measures. In addition, our team provided expert Compliance advice, aiding in the preparation for pre-fire brigade visits, ensuring that the hotel is well-equipped to handle any fire-related contingencies. Furthermore, we have conducted a thorough fire compartmentation survey to evaluate the building’s structural integrity and its capacity to contain the spread of fire.

Case Study

CLIENT: Aimbridge

PROJECT: Mercure Brighton

SCOPE: Our site visit involved a comprehensive evaluation of the existing system designed for the safe evacuation of disabled hotel guests in case of a fire emergency. Our primary objective was to assess the system’s compliance with safety standards and identify any challenges or concerns on-site. By conducting this assessment, we aimed to provide valuable recommendations and effective solutions to address any issues, ultimately ensuring the safety and well-being of all hotel guests, particularly those with disabilities.