Promoted to Joint Managing Director


We’ve got some exciting news that we’d like to share…

We’re delighted to announce that Josh Watson has been promoted to Joint Managing Director of Isoler Ltd and will be supporting the business alongside John Gilstin.

Josh has been with us for 10 years now and is the best person to continue to build on the success and push us into the next chapter of our growth.

John Gilstin said, “It gives me great pleasure to announce that in line with my eventual retirement plans I have stepped down to a 3 day working week. It gives me even greater pleasure to announce that Josh Watson will now become Joint Managing Director of Isoler. I have absolute faith in Josh’s ability to take on this job with the same determination and commitment as he has shown in his previous roles within the business. I am certain that he will place his own stamp on the job and he has the assurance that I am happy to support him going forward in all his plans and endeavours in continuing the growth of Isoler.”

Congratulations Josh.

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